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The association 'art beyond'

aims to support spiritual awakening through art, as well as spiritual practices, body therapy, experimentation in education, agriculture and renewable energy.

By our opinion, Europe started a new cycle of life in 2022, going through energy crisis and still recovering from coronavirus’ affection on all layers of society and fields of activities. Hence we believe that having a physical spaces that combine spirituality and art is a strong need.

Zürich was chosen by fate, and at the same time it is a higly-energetic place. People living here, in a pretty well-being democratic society can fully develop their spiritual potential.

It is a permanent place for lightanddark.energy project that aims to create a sustainable island, and now prototypes it, tries different lifestyles inspired by sustainability, renewable energy and self-sufficiency incl. off-the-grid strategy.

We see Art Beyond Space

as ´heimat’ in a sense of a spiritual home.

Not political, not national, but a connection of people in one energetic field, empowered by spiritual and cultural experiences. We believe that sense of belonging is very important in contemporary individualistic societies. We aim to help those people who try to find a balance between wishes to operate in the real world and to save existing ecosystems. People from the cultural field often already have been organically prepared to awakening, they can focus their energies and support sensitive people on their way, especially through their artistic practices. At the same time, the most intuitive artists feel subtle changes in humankind and openly provide energy and spiritual messages not pretending on being leaders or sometimes not having direct spiritual backgrounds or beliefs. So our goal is to connect artistic and spiritual communities for reaching even higher levels of consciousness by both of them.

  • Dmitry Kalinin
    Ex-googler, Meditation expert & yogi
  • Victoria Marchenkova
    Artist, gallerist, PhD in art history
    Victoria started her profound research of spirituality in 2015 with Every Feeling Sent By God project, which resulted in the exhibition and entrance into regular religion. Through some years of practicing, ups and downs, she realized that art can be really helpful and people that can transform their strange feelings and insights in art projects go through their processes more smoothly, and what they do helps others to go smoothly as well. And it's not about art therapy, it's about art. History knows numerous examples of it. Victoria believes that now is a time to focus on this kind of art and practice.

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